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The Chapel

Here is a video recap of our 16-day chapel build. The progress is incredible!

“There’s a synergistic response in people when they come together to share in worship, regardless of their traditions. Prayer is the foundation for spiritual fitness.” – Chaplain (Col.) Chet Egert

The life of a soldier is fraught with the realities of life and death close at hand, making spiritual well-being crucial in concert with physical and mental strength to comprise the triad of soldier fitness. Without strength of spirit, our warriors and their families face a grave deficiency in their ability to maximize their training and to endure the rigors of military life.

Spiritual growth and worship in a group setting affords our soldiers the ability to connect with each other through faith, and to participate in a community of believers that provides support, encouragement and healing amidst an extremely demanding environment. The construction of the Thunderbird Chapel at Camp Gruber represents an invaluable long-term gift to these fighting men and women, allowing them a dedicated place of worship and a means of strengthening the faith that guides them.


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